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Steve R.

Peyton, CO

3/22/2017 I bought a sauna off CraigsList and needed a hand in putting it together. They walked me through the steps in getting it done. Super helpful and now I'm going to buy their cleaning kit and any replacement parts that are needed.

GREAT service!
Jesus H.

Whittier, CA

10/4/2019 I have been looking for a certain 9 wire ribbon wire for my sauna for a while. I found this company and I ordered it but was sent the wrong ribbon wire. Called and Ahmed sent out the correct wire. They are very helpful and make no excuses and that's refreshing.
I would recommend this company.
Virginia R.

Bellevue, WA

4/25/2019 After seeing my review, I was contacted by Mike and he promptly sent me a new chromotherapy light which works fine. Also he ensured I had the required manuals. Kudos to Mike for his relentless follow-up to ensure I was a satisfied customer. I would definitely do business with this company in the future. I find their tireless efforts to make things right, after seeing my review, very impressive!
Michael F.

San Diego, CA

5/5/2017 Mike helped me out a great deal on buying an incredible Sauna on Craigslist. The well known Sauna maker would not help me determine if the model I was buying was a low EMF model or not. When I gave the info to Mike, he was able to guide me that this was an incredible deal and a low EMF sauna. I did not do any business with Mike this time but they are my trusted source from this time onwards.
gloria m.

Los Angeles, CA

4/3/2017 Really impressed with their service and genuine care for keeping their clients happy and maintaining quality of their products. I had several issues with our sauna and I just wanted to refund the part and buy a new sauna. Their team helped troubleshoot, convincing me that they would save me money. They mailed me a new part at no charge to see if it worked. If it worked, then I would pay for the part. Luckily, it did work, and I was so happy! Surprised at how confident and helpful they are to problem solve and not just take my money.
Jennifer M.

Beverly Hills, CA

2/12/2014 I was really upset when I found out the company that I had bought a sauna from went out of business. I had gotten accustomed to using my sauna at night to help with my insomnia. One day I was using my sauna and the stopped working.

I called infraredsaunaparts and Alex helped me to determent the problem over the phone, and the correct replacement part was overnighter to my office, and my sauna was fixed and got back on my routine. I couldn't tell you how happy and satisfaction I am. Thank you again for all your help!
Pam G.

Atlanta, GA

3/10/2016 I bought a Cedrus sauna off Craigslist for medical reasons are have used it almost daily. I went to use it one day and it just wouldn't work. The power kept tripping. In my research I found learned Cedrus has gone out of business and no one in the Atlanta area seems to service them. I luckily found Infrared Sauna parts online and called to see if they could help me. I got a call back very quickly from Mike who patiently and with great knowledge walked me through how to assess what was potentially wrong with the unit and how to fix it. I am so grateful I found them as this is an expensive sauna and now I am confident that if something goes wrong with it I will be able to get it fixed and have it long-term.

Do not hesitate to call them if you have any issues with your sauna.
Karissa C.

Vancouver, Canada

5/23/2016 I bought a DIY sauna kit for my mother this year, and I need to give huge props to Mike, my favorite sauna sales friend. I had a million questions about all of the different saunas and Mike ever so patiently explained things to me until I had it figured out. After coming to a general first conclusion about what i needed, he put up with me shopping around other places and giving me pointers on what's what in this world. I decided to go with Infrared Sauna parts and they went impressively far to make sure that I was getting what i needed when I needed it, as the sauna is going up north to Canada. We haven't even installed the kit into it's new home yet, but i'm confident that I have Mike on my side, and with his patience and expertise I'm sure it'll be as easy.

I saw one bad review on here for these guys, and from the way it read, buddy needs to get in his sauna and relax.

Infrared Sauna is da BEST
Kathy G.

Goleta, CA

2/19/2015 I am very pleased with infrared sauna work to get my sauna working again.I sent a picture of my sauna and they sent parts to me to repair.
it still didn't work so they resent parts again and the second time it was working. They were very caring and worked hard to help me.I would highly recommend them.
Jeff C.

San Francisco, CA

7/12/2014 I have a very old infrared sauna from the early 2000's that I put outside. It got pretty beat up over the years. The sauna company that I purchased from went out of business a long time ago. I wanted to resell my sauna but I had to do some much needed repairs. I did a quick search on bing and found infrared sauna parts. I ordered and had my parts with installation instructions within a week. I just sold my sauna as well! Although not for much... Anyway, thanks for the help Mike.
Vanessa L.

San Francisco, CA

12/14/2015 This company has turned around! Mark heard my unhappy story with the previous owners and stepped up to help resolve my previous experience which led to being out of pocket over $60 and no replacement part. I appreciated this kind of dedication to service and going above and beyond his responsibility. Thank you for taking the time to care about my little purchase gone wrong. The ionizer you sent works perfectly.
Benjamin L.

Daly City, CA

11/11/2015 I have a Cedrus sauna and I had an issue with the sauna not working. I did some research and found Infrared Sauna Parts. Gave a call and the folks over there were able to diagnose the problem of my sauna with the information and i gave and the photos that i sent through the text number on their website. The parts came in and I was able to install with the help of tech support. It's been three months since I installed the parts and the sauna is working as good as new. just in time for the winter season.
Pat H.

Sacramento, CA

3/28/2015 Mike is probably not paid enough. He has the best customer service of anyone I've dealt with. The company we bought our sauna from offers life time coverage for repairs. But you can't get them to respond! Mike listened to our problem and took a lot of time to research and offer a solution. It's a good thing they are there covering for sauna businesses that aren't there when you need them. Thanks Mike and Infrared Sauna Parts! You won't go wrong if you let them help you!
Holly M.

San Francisco, CA

11/1/2019 Reaching out to get my power box unit repaired/ replaced and Arman replied quickly and professionally.

Thank you Denise for your patience and understanding. Allowing me longer than usual, to return my old box. Thank you also to Arman A. for prompt replies and expertise.

This has been a pleasurable experience and I would certainly recommend your company going forward.

hm/Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Rick C.

Molalla, OR

3/19/2019 This IS the place for all your sauna needs, customer service is the best, Mike is a joy to deal with. They were able to help me with both parts and advice to get our sauna back up and running. I highly recommend them if your sauna needs repair.
Joyce M.

Buckley, WA

3/12/2019 Fantastic customer service!!!!! Highly recommend this business. Thank you for repairing my sauna
Tammy P.

Seabrook, TX

3/12/2019 Fantastic help from Mike. We had just relocated the sauna from one room to another room. First time to use it since we moved it and was working when it was suppose to be off. Mike was patient, told us to send pictures of the control panel and outlets. Talked to us over the phone after he looked at them. Helped us with this dilemma. Cannot thank him enough. Oh, by the way, there was NO CHARGE!!!
Myron W.

Petaluma, CA

10/30/2018 Myron L
I have had my Infrared sauna over 20 years and it had been working beautifully till May of this year & then the on & off switch stop responding . I contacted infraredsauna parts and I was offered a super deal in the upgrading of my power supply at a very fair price that included having their Tech support install it. The dealings that I have had with Mike & Armand epitomizes customer service thus making Infraredsauna parts a highly desirable business that I would not hesitate to recommend for all repairs that are required to keep Infrared saunas functioning forever.
None better.
Thanks, I am sweating again a healthy sweat of course.
Debra S.

Plainfield, IL

7/16/2018 Great company and customer service! I think they are the only company that sells sauna parts now. I purchased a lemon of a suana back in 2010. Back then I used another company for parts that went out of business. I had to replace parts 5x because the wiring was faulty and kept blowing the relays. Infrared Sauna Parts helped figure out what was happening. I got all new insides and so far so good:) They also try to help if you have any questions with installing the new parts.
Kathleen G.

San Francisco, CA

6/26/2018 The system and service was clear and prompt! Very easy to send pictures via text and have the technician (Mike) assist in diagnosing the issue. I would highly recommend them!
Ernest L.

San Mateo, CA

3/9/2018 I struggled with poor service for 9 months from Healthmate. Stumbled into InfaredSauna Parts and they had my sauna fixed in 2 weeks.
Great Work
Paul G.

Las Vegas, NV

1/25/2018 After searching quite some time for the part I needed to replace on my sauna, I found Mike responded in less than an hour to my request for a sauna part for a company that had gone out of business several years ago. Not only did they have the part but he was familiar with the different models, the strengths and weaknesses of the brand and had replacement parts available for just about every part that might be needed. The part I needed was fairly priced and the entire transaction was completed quickly.
William D.

North Chili, NY

1/16/2018 A wonderful place to purchase parts, and get the information you need to repair your Sauna. I would highly recommend Infrared Sauna Parts to anyone interested in repairing or replacing their Sauna. Armand was great, he forwarded a link to help trouble shoot the problem, and then took the time to look over the pics of my Sauna and give me some advice. Great customer service has a name in the Infrared Sauna Business, the name is Infrared Sauna
Karen W.

Charlotte, NC

1/10/2018 I was clueless about how to fix my sauna. These guys held my hand, and walked me thru it. They really made it easy and effortless. They gave me options and the follow up was awesome.
Lisa G.

Florence, KY

1/5/2018 Very impressed with this company! Our Cedrus Sauna has a "lifetime warranty," meaning the lifetime of the COMPANY, which is out of business. Well, we were having trouble with our control panel and, not being able to get service from the company we bought from, I searched the web and found InfraredSaunaParts. I left them a message on their website and within 15 minutes, I got a return call...not common these days! Spoke with Mike...he was very informative and helpful...told me what to check for insofar as any electrical damage. Long story short, the sauna is working again!! I would DEFINITELY do business with this company. Won't even look any further!
paul j.

San Francisco, CA

1/1/2018 I have a 15 year old sauna that stopped working because of a faulty power supply. Thankfully I found InfraredSaunaParts. Jacob took excellent care of me. He had exactly the parts I needed and talked me through exactly how to install them. After installing my new parts, my sauna performed better than it ever did. Faster heat-up times. An excellent warranty on the new parts. All in all a great experience. Highly recommend InfraredSaunaParts!
Terry K.

Henderson, NV

12/23/2017 These are the 'GO TO' people when it comes to your sauna. The costly parts of your sauna are the sauna box (wood & glass), heating panels, followed by the various electronics. It's usually the electronics that go bad and this is where Infreared Sauna Parts EXCELS! Truly pros all the way. My sauna was no longer manufactured but the experts at ISP managed to create the parts I needed at a very reasonable price. This of course saved the box and heating panels, in addition to saving me beaucoup $$$. On the ball and impressive. They walked me through all I needed to know to get it back up and running. There are few companies that can WOW me any more but this one sure did - - WOW!
Thanks gang...almost forgot to mention the parts they supplied me have a 5 year warranty. Major COOL!

Nevadawx Henderson, NV
Melissa P.

San Francisco, CA

12/21/2017 After having our sauna in storage and moving, we decided to get it up and running. We couldn't find the power cord and got in touch with Mike. He sent the new power cord and walked us through the set up. Happy to say the sauna is working well. Thanks Mike!
Kay R.

Daly City, CA

12/20/2017 Today I felt like I won the lottery when I found Mike at!! I have a 13 year old infrared sauna and the company I purchased it from just told me, "Sorry we don't cover your product anymore because that company was sold". Long story short, I found Infrared Sauna Parts Mike told me not to worry. He said they can handle any repairs and parts for my sauna. What a relief! Mike was friendly, professional and full of information and he returned my call quickly. Thank you, thank you!
Dishan E.

Greenpoint, NY

12/11/2017 Mike is so helpful and knowledgeable. He knew exactly how to address my issue and how to help to help resolve it. I highly recommend using their services for all of your sauna needs. DO NOT EVER USE LUXSAUNA OR FITNESSHIQ!!!
Kasia K.

Peoria, AZ

10/7/2017 Great company, very happy with their service. Mike has been extremely helpful as well as Arman, very patient with the whole process and very knowledgeable. Thank you for all your help, we really appreciate it.
Radar T.

Los Angeles, CA

9/25/2017 InfraredSaunaParts, thank you so much for taking care of me and my sauna parts needs.
you guys wen the extra mile for me,
these days, there are few companies that treat their clients like gold.
you are among the leaders in service!
you earned a customer for life! thank you!
monica r.

Richmond, CA

9/8/2017 Mike and his crew are helpful, responsive available and patient. They are helping me remotely to troubleshoot a power up issue on a used sauna. Best customer service. Highly recommend!
Ellen K.

Daly City, CA

7/18/2017 I needed parts for a sauna that I bought
Not too long ago
The sauna had a hick-up
And I needed a part to fix it
Everywhere I looked it was way more expensive
Than infrared sauna
The we're very helpful in explaining everything
Other vendors didn't want to give me the time or day
I would definitely recommend these guys to anyone trying to fix there sauna
Shannon D.

Makawao, HI

7/4/2017 I live in Hawaii where sauna parts are very difficult to find. InfraredSaunaParts customer service is 5 star and helped me trouble shoot my problem and find the right part for my older sauna. Shipping via USPS to Hawaii is not available, so the cost of shipping is pricey though the bright side of that is I received the part quicker via Fed-Ex. I highly recommend InfraredSaunaParts.
Robert S.

Allentown, PA

3/29/2017 They were very helpful in resolving my problems and getting me the parts that I needed. Unfortunately I tried to fixmysauna with parts from another vendor and after they sent me the wrong control panel they disappeared.
Josephine S.

Elmwood Park, IL

2/2/2017 I was so happy to find Infrared Sauna Parts on line, as I searched for parts for my Sunlight Sauna. I purchased my sauna about seven or eight years ago. In my research I found that Sunlight is now Sunlighten and my model is no longer manufactured. Infrared Sauna Parts was a lifesaver! The salesperson Mike was extremely helpful...made solving my problem really easy. I was confident in the parts I needed since I was able, at his request, to send him a picture of the part and the sauna. Completed within a few minutes and I can feel confident that I will get the right part. Thank you Mike.
Cindy B.

Peoria, AZ

10/25/2016 I have a Health Mate Sauna that according to the person (and paperwork) I purchased it from, came with a life time warranty. The main power box quit working and, and of this writing, Health Mate has yet to return my call. In the meantime, I called Infrared Sauna Parts. Mike was an invaluable resource! Helpful, detailed and wanted to make sure I received the right box, so we even exchanged pictures over text. In less than 4 days from the first call, I had my new power box and my sauna was up and running again! Best service I have received in a long time! Thank you Infrared Sauna Parts! My massage clients and I are enjoying the sauna once again! Needless to say I will NOT purchase another Health Mate on the next go around!
Michael S.

San Francisco, CA

2/17/2016 Just want to write a follow-up experience with InfraredSaunaParts. I been using my infrared sauna pretty aggressively throughout the last few years for health reasons and one of my heaters unfortunately failed I called and once on the sales guys by the name of Alec helped me out. Not only they shipped it the replacement overnight that I paid for FedEx ground shipping service but they actually took the time to explain on how to replace the actual heater, and they included a instruction guide on how to replace the heater as well. Thank you guys again for walking me through to getting my sauna up and running. It was a pleasure in doing business till next time!
D Michele D.

Vernon, Canada

1/28/2016 very helpful and courteous service. willing to go the extra mile to help you find the correct part, at best price, along with advice on installation. very knowledgeable and informative. if you're having your product shipped to Canada, as I am, they have all the information as to duties and taxes readily available and will even do the math for you.
John G.

Staten Island, NY

11/30/2015 My experience working with the techs, at infrared sauna parts has been exceptional they are extremely patient and accommodating. There staff are extremely knowledgeable and understanding. Any issue I've had has been quickly and effectively resolved. I've had previous Suanas from other manufacturers and there's are superior hands-down and reasonably priced.
Jake B.

Grand Junction, CO

5/7/2015 Excellent customer service...they had the part, gave me a deal on shipping, then canceled my order when I found my missing part. All without a hitch and with a most helpful and friendly manner...I hope I can do business with them in the future!!
Thomas P.

Sonoma, CA

5/1/2015 My LuxSauna electrical system completely melted and the company went out of business. Thank goodness somebody directed me to Mike at infrared sauna parts, I rebuilt the electrical system myself with his help and now my sauna heats up twice as fast.

The customer service was incredible. Thanks Mike!
Denisa A.

Walnut Creek, CA

6/23/2014 I owned sauna since 1999. I love it because it helps to detox the body. One day it stopped working so I researched few companies on the net and came across Infrared Sauna Parts. They quickly determined the issue and sent me the needed parts. I was very satisfied with their customer service as well as with the prompt delivery of my order. I will use them again in the future.
Jasmine S.

Santa Rosa, CA

5/8/2014 These guys really know their saunas! My friend recently bought one that was used and needed some work done. So we called infrared sauna parts for all the parts and they had all the answers to our questions. I Will definitely call these guys again if I need more parts or have any questions about my sauna.
Karen M.

Westlake Village, CA

4/18/2014 I am very happy with the service and patience Mike showed me in helping me get the correct parts and assembly of them for our sauna. We purchase our sauna only to find out when we needed to fix it that the company went chapter 11. I was referred to InfraredSauna Parts and now have a working sauna. When our first parts did not last, Mike was honest and told me they replaced them with better parts and honored the warrenty. I recommend this company for its integrity and genuine helpfulness.
Rj V.

Union City, CA

4/11/2014 I give them five stars because of the great customer service. I live in the Bay Area and found them online. I gave them a call told them the part I needed to get for my auntie's sauna. Their price was the best considering it would get shipped to me the quickest. Thanks!
Wesley P.

Rohnert Park, CA

4/10/2014 After researching online and trying to find out why my sauna stopped working, I couldn't get an answer. So I started looking local and I called these guys and explained my situation and what was happening with my sauna. Alex was very friendly on the phone and very informative! They really know their saunas, we found out what piece broke and how I could get the part quickly. If anything else happens to my suana these are my go to guys! Highly recommended.
Carrie B.

San Francisco, CA

4/10/2014 I bought this dome infrared sauna thing a few years ago (now I have a real wood one :) ) and it stopped working and the company I bought it from is out of business. When I bought my new infrared sauna a few weeks ago, they suggest I contact sauna parts to get my old one working.

It's back working now and I'm using it when I sit at my computer or watching TV for extra therapy for my strained lower back.

They didn't have the exact part, but they found one close enough and now my $1,200 dome is back working instead of me throwing it out.
Dave S.

Liberty Lake, WA

2/5/2014 It's a pleasure to write a most positive review for the over the top customer service I have received from InfraredSaunaParts..I, with their detailed help..[Jacob and Armand} was able to completely replace all components of the sauna that was built into the home we retired into. The sauna, 10 years old, did not work. After a search to see if I could repair it I came into contact with them. I now have a rebuilt sauna that we can enjoy. Hand built control box, quality American made heating elements have retrofitted our sauna. It could not have happened without the patient knowledgable help I received from Jacob and Armand...As you can tell I'm more than pleased and they did not pay me to write this. Dave