Door accessories can change the entire look of sauna doors. Be it knobs, locks, door handles or side latches, all details have to be perfect in order to give your infrared sauna beautiful and neat look.

Standard household door hardware is not suitable for infrared sauna. Sauna doors need to be closed at all times to save energy and keep sauna hot, so it is necessary to find special lock mechanisms and padlock latches.

Our online store offers a wide range of sauna door finishing hardware which perfectly complements any infrared sauna style. Here you may find handles, latches, door magnets, hinges, locks and lock mechanisms, mounting plates and mount kits.

Our door hardware is tested for a high durability; and therefore specifically designed for multiple uses. The hardware items are made of stainless steel or metal cover with a special, corrosion resistant finish. We sell top-quality hardware guaranteed to last the entire life of your infrared sauna.