We supply high-quality custom electrical components for infrared sauna, such as control panels, touch pads and circuit boards.

Sauna control panel allows to customize the time, temperature, lights, audio system and chromotherapy settings. This device is easy to operate and has intuitive design. (Just press a button to adjust the settings!)

Circuit board is a small piece of insulation, threaded with similar components and conductive wires. First the electrical charge is introduced to the circuit board, and then it is distributed along the wires to different components of infrared sauna equipment. The circuit board controls how the devices are activated and charged. For example, you press "Set Temperature" button and circuit board transfer this message to your infrared sauna thermostat. Circuit boards are usually equipped with touch pads or face plates with buttons. In both cases, circuit board interface remains user-friendly.

You may purchase circuit board and control panels with touch pads or face plates pre-installed on it, or you may order this part separately.