Virtual Service Call

Virtual Service Call or “VSC” is a program created for customers who are planning to diagnose and install products themselves without spending $100’s of dollars on local electricians or handyman. InfraredSaunaParts offers a virtual call service session in which our professional technicians talk to our customers while giving them step by step instruction on how to trouble shoot or install products. Installation is an important part to having your infrared sauna working properly. “VSC” is a great way to save money and also avoiding damaging products by improper installation.

The “VSC” sessions are scheduled based on convenience to the customer. Fill out the form below to let us know when we can set aside a time slot and assist you with your issue. Below is the break down of the prices based on the duration of the call:

  • 1-15 minutes $15
  • 16-30 minutes $30
  • 31-45 minutes $45
  • 45-60 minutes $60


Here are some examples of the picture we are looking for:

  • Your infrared sauna fully assembled. (top to bottom)
  • All of the Control Panels in your infrared sauna;
  • The outside controller could be located on either left or right side of the door.
  • The inside controller can be located inside your sauna, either on the front or back wall.
  • The electrical components could be located either under the bench inside of your infrared sauna or outside on the top of the roof. If the electrical components are inside a box, unscrew or open up the box so we can fully see the inside components.
  • Infrared heaters that are mounted inside on your walls.

Maximum 5 files