Heater is one of the most important parts of any sauna equipment. It is the heart and soul of infrared sauna. Our company offers ceramic and carbon sauna heaters. We choose that particular kinds of heating units due to several reasons

Carbon and ceramic heaters combine effective and quick heating with efficient energy use. They produce enough infrared heat; the therapeutic effect of the infrared waves, emitted by these heaters, is really positive. We recommend using ceramic heaters for relaxing sauna; carbon heater is perfect for detoxifying sauna. You will feel the healing effect of infrared waves after first sauna session.

When heated, carbon and ceramic heating units do not emit gases, toxic fumes or other noxious substances. They are also safe for children! In addition, infrared heaters do not provoke allergic reactions.

Carbon and ceramic heaters are compact, so they fit even the smallest sauna rooms. Heating units are wear-resistant and replaceable.

Infrared sauna heaters are available in two colors (black and white) with different size options. Additionally you may order wood heater housing.

All of our heaters are tested for safety and listed for superior quality and trustworthy use.