Infrared sauna wiring harness, also known as cable harness, is a complex set of wires and cables that transmit electric power and/or signals to sauna electronic equipment. Wires and cables are bonded together with cable lacing and ties, straps and sleeves, conduit, electrical tape or a combination of the above-listed bond materials. Infrared sauna harness is protected against overheat and humidity.

You may order wiring harness cables combined in a set or buy separate ionizer, lights, plug in connection wires. Our harness is available for any type of electrical connection.

Cords and connectors are used for connecting an appliance to the main electricity supply source using extension cord or wall socket. We offer female or male power cords of different styles, that fit all infrared sauna electrical devices. Cord and connectors are protected from humidity, liquids, and overheat.