Our company offers wood parts for infrared saunas customizing, renovating or furnishing. In this category you may find benches, back and headrests, doors (wood and glass), wood sauna roofs, floors and walls, stereo and light housing, shelves and handles, cups and magazine holders, vents, control panel trims and heater covers.

There is a direct correlation between the quality of infrared sauna wood parts and sauna health effect. When heated, wood parts emit resins and oils, this may cause an allergic response or lung troubles. Also, adhesive substances and top-coats often emit chemicals and gases, which are bad for health. Our products are made of natural high-quality hypoallergenic wood. All wood parts are made without adhesives, toxic glues, staining or finishes.

We sell only sustainable wood products obtained from fast-growing, renewable thoughtfully managed forests. So you may be sure that the wooden parts you order are safe for health and eco-friendly.

Wood parts are available in different sizes, colors and styles, so you may easily choose the best parts for your sauna.