Sauna lighting is an important detail, which provides the relaxing effect of the infrared sauna. It carries on the practical function and has significant aesthetic value. Lights can be used to create a peaceful atmosphere and to bring out some special details in the sauna. Such as, highlight the shapes of the room, accentuate walls texture or illuminate decorate motifs. In general, well-positioned lighting adds to the finishing touch of infrared sauna.

We recommend using LED lighting, since it is durable, has lower energy consumption and switches faster. It is a great alternative to fiber optic lighting.

Many lighting fixtures are available for infrared sauna. You may also order light bulbs of different styles and sizes, including chromotherapy bulbs, light bulbs clips and housing, various switches, light shades to soften the lights, etc. Bulbs and switches are replaceable. We offer not only parts but also complete light assembly kits.

All products presented in this category are specially designed for infrared sauna use (they handle the high temperature properly).