Our accessories are designed to make your sauna experience even more comfortable and help you stay relaxed during and after your infrared sauna session.

We offer soft and delicate towels made of long-staple cotton fiber. They are wonderful as a comfortable body covering for those who are not comfortable staying nude. Our highly absorbent towels also protect your sensitive skin and hair from too much heat inside your sauna. In addition, all toxins which are released during the session, are absorbed by the towel and do not irritate your sensitive skin.

Towels do not lose their original shape or color and look as new even after 20 or more washes. In addition, the color does not transfer onto other fabrics during washing. Our towels dry quickly, maintaining energy efficiency. You may order smaller or bigger towels for your face, hands or body.

Along with towels, special sauna slippers will add an extra touch and will keep you cozy and comfortable in your sauna. It is highly recommended to use slippers to maintain a proper hygiene and for your safety. Walking on a slippery floor can be quite dangerous. Allow us to keep your feet cozy and safe while you are relaxing your body and mind. You may purchase sauna slippers of different sizes or order universal 'one size fits all'.