Customer service saved me $750.00 by assisting me in troubleshooting to a no cost fix to my issue. Really appreciate the help with the problem on an old sauna.
People that work here are polite and very helpful – always eager to help and get you exactly what you want and what you need. The big assortment of brands and parts might confuse at first – but the customer support will help out to ensure the right choice. And if, by any chance, you order the wrong part – there is a very great return policy here, and you will be able to make a refund with no problems at all.
Great people, awesome customer support, prompt help and high quality. Thumbs up!
My mother asked me to give her a hand in repairing her infrared sauna, and I came to InfraredSaunaParts after a friend of mine from work said they provide the best spare parts for infrared saunas. And damn he was right! These people helped me find the perfect replacement for the heater and ionizer that broke down, and replace the control panel that was beginning to be faulty. Everything was done prompt, thoroughly and friendly. Additional thanks to Dan from Tech support for helping me with tips on installation and exploitation.
Thank you for helping me with my trouble! My sauna works like new! I will definitely recommend you guys to all my friends!
Friendly managers and tech support helped me through the whole process from making the right order to installing the parts. Delivery came on time and very carefully packaged – nothing was damaged during the shipment, so that is definitely a plus – these people care for the clients and make everything in their power to make the process of repairing the sauna as easy as possible.
I always use my sauna with chromotherapy – it soothes my aura and makes me feel better. So when my chromotherapy lamp in the sauna broke down – I started looking for a replacement. And here I found the perfect one. Thank you! And be blessed for the warmth you brought me.
Such friendly people! It was a true pleasure working with them! I especially thank you for the advice you gave me for the further exploitation of my sauna unit – that will help me keep it going for longer.
You are the best! Thank you for helping me restore my sauna! And a special thank you for the tips and advice your tech people gave me! Keep it up, guys!
I ordered a replacement for the broken down ionizer and control box here and I am very glad with the service. Order and shipment was done very fast and my sauna is now working again. Want a quick repair? Get in contact with these guys – they will help 100% - I guarantee you that as a very satisfied customer!
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