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POWER SUPPLY - A-150FAO-12   TERMINAL-7   INPUT 100-120/200-240VAC 2.8/1.6A 50/60Hz   OUTPUT 12V---12.5A 
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POWER SUPPLY - BS-70W-12   TERMINAL-5   INPUT:AC 110V/220V+20% 50/60Hz   OUTPUT: +12V---6.0A
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POWER SUPPLY - D-30A2   TERMINAL-7   INPUT:110VAC 1.2A 220VAC 0.6A   OUTPUT: +12V 3.5A +5V 1A
Product code: 14919
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POWER SUPPLY - GZM-U60S12   TERMINAL-7   INPUT:100-240V--- 1.5A Max 50/60Hz   OUTPUT: +12V---5A
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POWER SUPPLY - GZM-U60S12/90V-264V/1.5 MAX    TERMINAL-7   INPUT:90V-264V/1.5A nax 50/60Hz   OUTPUT:+12.0V---5.0A
Product code: 14923
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POWER SUPPLY - LS75-12    TERMINAL-5    INPUT:100-240 VAC   1.6A   50/60Hz    OUTPUT:12V---6A
Product code: 14927
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POWER SUPPLY - S-40-12A    INPUT: 100-120V AC 1.2A 200-240V AC 0.6A 50/60Hz   OUTPUT: +12V 3.5A DC
Product code: 14929
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POWER SUPPLY - S-42W-12   TERMINAL-5   INPUT: 110-220V + 15%   OUTPUT-12V 3.2A   
Product code: 14918
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POWER SUPPLY - S-60-12L   TERMINAL-5   INPUT:85V-265V 47-63Hz   OUTPUT:12V 5A   T1496585
Product code: 14931
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 POWER SUPPLY - S-60T-12 / A2   TERMINAL-7   INPUT:100-120VAC 2A 200-240VAC 1A 50/60Hz   OUTPUT + 12V---5A
Product code: 14932
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 POWER SUPPLY - S-60W-12   TERMINAL-5   INPUT: AC 110V/220V+20% 50/60Hz   OUTPUT: +12V---5A
Product code: 14930
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 POWER SUPPLY - SHS-60-1H   TERMINAL-5   INPUT:100-240V 50/60Hz   OUTPUT:12V/5A

Power supply is a device that supplies electric energy to infrared sauna electrical equipment. The main function of power supply is to control the output voltage and convert one form of electrical energy to another.

We offer power supply devices with different input voltage and output power characteristics, so you may easily choose the one that fits your sauna perfectly. Voltage adjustments are available for the majority of power supply models.

Our power supply devices are designed especially for infrared saunas. All devices are tested for safety. They are heat and humidity resistant. Special holder with free air convention helps to prevent overheating. A combination of small volume and low weight, yet with high efficiency.