Customize your Sauna


The beauty of our DIY infrared sauna kits is that you can ultimately make any space in your house into an infrared sauna. Whether it is an extra closet or a full size room that you want to convert we can help you accomplish the job. We encourage our customers to use our DIY calculator to generate the amount of watts their particular area would need by using the length, width, and height dimensions of the area. After clicking the configure button on the calculator our website presents you with different option kits that will fit the need of your room according to your watts and different style heaters we carry.

InfraredSaunaParts “customize your sauna” department can provide support for any particular space dimensions our customers may have. No request is too outrageous for us to complete. InfraredSaunaParts has the ability to accomplish the smallest to the largest custom fit orders our customers may request. Custom orders are our specialty and something we have a great deal of experience in.

InfraredSaunaParts tries to make assembly as easy as possible for all of our customers. Manuals are provided inside each of our kits along with professional technicians always ready to help in our “Virtual Service Call” department. Customers also have the option of buying pre-cut wood from us directly but that is not mandatory. Be sure to note it if you choose to do so in our form below.

Please contact us at 888-559-PART(7278) and ask to speak to a custom unit specialist to receive a free zero obligation quote. Allow us to create that special sauna you have been dreaming of!


Room Specifications (in inches)