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Good customer support – very patient managers and high understanding of what was needed. Timely delivery and great packaging – nothing broken on the way, everything came as promised. Very satisfied!

Great people – absolutely great at what they do! We’ve discussed very quickly what exactly I needed, everything was organized and delivered as promised, now I can enjoy my sauna again. If you are looking for a company that is up to its words and is very attentive to its clients – these guys are the ones to choose!

What caught my eyes on this website is the rich choice of infrared sauna spare parts. What got my real attention were the prices. I did not believe it at first, but I gave it a try and here I am – a happy customer with all his needs fulfilled: I got the parts I needed, I was treated with respect, the process was not long and the delivery was on time. So now – after replacing the faulty parts in my infrared sauna, I am thinking of making another purchase from Infrared Sauna Parts – from their vast choice of accessories for infrared saunas. I think this deserves a thumbs up!

Peace, people! Look here, I don’t want to brag, but these guys are totally AWESOME! Fast order, on-time delivery and very thoughtful personnel simply had me! All the parts that you might ever need – at very fair prices and great quality!

People that work here are polite and very helpful – always eager to help and get you exactly what you want and what you need. The big assortment of brands and parts might confuse at first – but the customer support will help out to ensure the right choice. And if, by any chance, you order the wrong part – there is a very great return policy here, and you will be able to make a refund with no problems at all.

Two thumbs up for Infrared Sauna Parts! And believe a truly happy customer – these people will help you get what you need in no time!

I highly recommend the Infrared Sauna Parts to everyone! I loved the way they helped me get the spare parts I needed and their prices are absolutely amazing! Keep up the great work, people!

What a great experience for me! At first I was downright and miserable, having found out that my infrared sauna needed a change of some parts – it became a part of my everyday life! But here the customer support and tech people made my day by helping me with choosing the right set of much needed parts for my sauna! Then the delivery came on time, and everything worked out so well, that I will definitely recommend this company to everyone I know has an infrared sauna! If you are looking for a proficient company with great client-oriented work – this is the company you’ve been searching for!

Free diagnostics with every purchase, very friendly people, experienced technicians and fair pricing. Definitely like it!

I am a man who does not stand complications. And this company made it extremely easy for me from the start! Thank you, people, you are the best in this!